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Role: CHairperson

I am 21 and I am currently working as a Sales Executive in the Inishowen Independent and studying International Hospitality, Travel/Tourism with Events in NWRC, Derry.

I also recently set-up my own business Adrian McMyler - Events Management, Tours & Party Planning.

From a young age I have been involved in committees organising events and I often planned my own fundraisers for very worthy causes alongside many of the founding members of BCC.
My role as Chairperson is to be a spokesperson and ambassador for the charity and to oversee the running of the charity to ensure we meet our goals. 
I am so happy and honoured to be a part of this charity and so proud of the children we help.

You are all superhero’s to me and the strongest warriors I know.



Role: Vice-treasurer
          Charity Shop Co-Ordinator

I have been involved in Buncrana's Children's Charity since it began almost 5 years ago.


shona mcgrory

Role: Secretary

Hi! My name is Shona McGrory. I am the Secretary of the Buncrana’s Children’s Charity. I am a secondary school teacher who teaches biology & maths. I am so privileged to be involved in such a amazing and ever growing charity and I look forward to the years ahead!



Role: Vice-Secretary

My name is Zoe Fletcher and I am Vice-Secretary for the charity.

I have been volunteering with the charity since March 2020. 

My role involves lots of clerical and administrative work for the charity.

I am a dietitian and lecturer with an interest in public health. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the charity that provides support to families and children in my local area - it is truly rewarding.


Amanda nelson

Role: P.R.O

I joined Buncrana’s Children’a Charity in 2021 as Marketing Officer to help with advertising and promotions and have recently taken on the role of PRO.

I work in Digital Marketing in two local hotels so I hope to bring some of my knowledge from this on board to benefit the charity. BCC is a fantastic charity to be involved with - helping the children of Inishowen in anyway we can, when they need it most!

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Role: Vice-p.r.o



Role: fundraising co-ordinator

I've loved being part of the Buncrana Children's Charity committee since 2018.

I am a busy mum of four little ones but I love planning events, DIY and crafting.

I use these within the charity, by coming up with new fundraising ideas, social media activities and general fun ideas for the little ones.



Role: Fundraising co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Linda and I am mum to two beautiful kids! 

I have worked in childcare the past few years and I am hoping to expand and specialise in working with children and adults with special needs.

I joined BCC in 2020 as I love helping people and my moto is to always be kind.

My role within the charity is Fundraising Co-Ordinator. If I can help and put a smile on someone's face that's a job well done .  

If anyone would like to volunteer their time for fundraising events in the near future  please contact me.



Role: treasurer

My name is Tina Duncan and I work full-time in Older Persons Service. 

I joined this fantastic charity to help local children. I am currently the Treasurer which is the financial side of the organisation. I love everything about this charity and what it stands for and together we are a great team.

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Role: development officer and vice-chairperson

My name is Catherine Carlin and I am the Vice-Chairperson and  Development Officer with BCC.
Ive been with the charity since it was founded.
My role is to create awareness and promote the charity and its role in aiding families financially who have sick children in Inishowen.



Role: health & wellbeing officer

My name is Jacqueline Culligan and I am the Health & Wellbeing Officer for the charity. I have been involved with BCC since 2020 and I am thrilled to be part of the team .

I have worked with children in my own career for over 20 years in preschool and all daycare settings here in Ireland and the Isle of Man.

I am very passionate about my work with children and very proud to be part of this charity and all the amazing things they do for the sick children and their families in our own community.

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Role: committee member

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine O’Donnell. 

I’m so excited and ready to stand as committee member for BCC. 

Over there years I’ve had the privilege of supporting Inishowen families in their own home around their own child’s development and supporting the parenting capacity. 

In my role as Family Support Worker I have gained an extensive and intensive understanding, experience and skill set to work with families experiencing challenges from a compassionate and strength based approach.

In my experience I believe community support is a deliberate and active intention to support you and your family when the need arises. 

My first experience of community alliance was during my role as a volunteer Listening Ear support worker for Inishowen women and their families through a local domestic violence service. 

This role led me towards family and community support. 

I learnt and experienced the power of good people coming together to offer their time and skills to support others with a gentle helping hand.

There has been times in my own life where I was faced with challenges and sought the support needed and now that I am in a position to help others I will in a way that I can and have done. 

I am genuinely excited to begin this wonderful journey with BCC, I hope to bring my creativity, fun, kindness, ongoing learning around  healing energies and female empowerment coaching and my enthusiasm for happy and thriving families. 

BCC is here for you xx

catherine o'donnell

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donna fullerton

Role: committee member

Hi all, my name is Donna Fullerton and I'm a nurse in an acute hospital setting. I meet people from all walks of life on a daily basis and now feel totally privileged to become a member of the BCC committee!
I really look forward to being a part of this amazing local service, in helping sick children and their families feel supported and bringing a smile to their faces 😘


Role: Data Protection officer

Shona Mc Grory/Adrian Mc Myler


Role: Child protection officer

Shona Mc Grory/Adrian Mc Myler