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What do we do?

Buncrana’s Children Charity was set up to look after the sick and disadvantaged children with long term medical illnesses in Inishowen area. 

Our moto for the charity is very simple:"Help Us, Help Them!"

Buncrana’s Children Charity offers the following services:

1. Our first service is financial support.

This service helps families with expenses from the child being sick (hospital runs, cover work costs from parents needing unpaid leave etc.)

2. Our second service is hospital bags.

If a child from Inishowen is in hospital you can nominate them to receive a goodie bag to try make them happy in the hospital.

3. Our third service is a 'Smile for a Child' wish.

A sick child can make a wish and we will try our best to make it come true!

For example, we sent a family to Tayto Park because they were forced to cancel their holiday abroad due to the sick child. 

If you know a child in Inishowen who you think could use any of our services please NOMINATE them now by filling out our Nomination Form.

Alternatively, if you have any enquires please feel free to CONTACT US through this website or if you prefer, please feel free to speak to any committee member!


All enquiries will remain strictly confidential.

Make a donation

All donations are greatly appreciated!

Nominate a Child
nominate a child
Does the child live in the Inishowen area?
What kind of assistance does the nomination require:

Thank you for your submission!

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